Unique Outdoor Advertising is the Outdoor Agency pioneering in the field of outdoor advertising in Vietnam. We understand the outdoor advertising market in Vietnam, know all the information about the forms of advertising and have enough capacity to implement outdoor advertising projects in 63 provinces.

Proud to be a partner of many domestic and international units (Japan, Korea, USA, Thailand, Indonesia …) with massive advertising project.


Unique people always strive to bring the best service and the most appropriate outdoor advertising campaign to customers.

  • For customers: Appropriate advice – Dedication work – Sharing companion – Leading reputation.
  • For Unique people: Conscience bright – Sustained will.
  • For the community: Sharing the joy – Spread the love.


Unique provides an overall outdoor advertising service with all forms of outdoor advertising in Vietnam


Unique’s mission is to bring appropriate and effective outdoor advertising campaigns to customers.


Unique people always strive to bring the best service to customers!

feedback từ khách hàng

Always try their best for the advertising project is what I feel at Unique’s service. Always be there to support and promptly handle all arising situations.

Mrs Phương Thúy
feedback từ khách hàng

Branding is a long-term story, not overnight. That is why I choose outdoor advertising as a product and service communication channel.

Mrs. Diệu Hương
feedback từ khách hàng

Unique has very spectacular ideas, thereby creating an outdoor advertising campaign extremely unique. Enforcement team is really professional and enthusiastic.

Mr. Xuân Lập
feedback từ khách hàng

As a partner with Unique in many outdoor advertising campaigns, the professionalism, detail and care are what I love about Unique’s service.

Mr. Công Tiến